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When you sign up for the TrustLock Affiliate Program we'll give you a special link to TrustLock sales page that you can share through an ad, Facebook post, on your blog, or however you choose! The good part is you'll earn recurring income for every customer that signs up for TrustLock through your link.

You'll earn a full 30% of the first transaction at TrustLock and 12% of each accounts monthly payment for the lifetime of that account - Earn up to $20,000/month or more reoccurring just for helping online businesses sign up for TrustLock!

Marketing Materials
We’ve got banners, graphics, and and just about anything you can think of to assist in marketing our product. We’ll even create custom digital marketing materials if necessary for your use!
Advanced Affiliate Dashboard
When you’re approved, you’ll gain access to our specialized dashboard. Get all the reporting stats that matter to drive you towards growth.
Keep Earning Passively
When someone signs up through your affiliate link, you’ll keep earning every time they pay the monthly subscription fee. Keep earning 12% for the life of each client referred indefinitely!
Level 2 Commissions
If you refer our affiliate program to a friend, you’ll get 5% of first transaction and then 2% indefinitely for that client each time they pay.
Industry-leading conversions
Our landing pages are refined for the best conversion rates which can earn you up to $150 CPM for targeted traffic – we’re just that competitive in the market.
A Product Worth Selling!
At TrustLock, we believe our service is so good that our customers will keep coming back, but we need your help. Each time someone completes a transaction from your link, you’ll earn!

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