At, our mission is to boost conversions for legitimate businesses online. We’re excited to create value for our clients by giving them third-party verifications to boost their conversions.

  • This Privacy Policy covers how your personal information, any content provided to Trust Lock, and all other content is used within our system and in any other third-party app our system may use now and in the future. It also covers how we access and use your information and how you can control your privacy within our platform while using Trust Lock.

1) Information collection and use

What information we collect

  • When you (the user) applies or purchases TrustLock, an account will be created for you. Whether you choose to complete the sign-up process or not, your information is still stored and in both circumstances, all your account activities will be attached to your account on our system.
  • At some point during your activities on and any of it’s services, you will be asked for information. Any information we may collect at any time is directly tied to you, your name, and specific identity. The following information we may collect:
  • your full name
  • your postal address
  • your telephone number
  • your email address
  • your facebook profile picture
  • other information you might voluntarily submit within any forms on TrustLock.
  • your unique IP address
  • your social media account information, ID and any information that may be shared through your social media account via an API, or any other third-party method of access.
  • Your personal ID, or other personal information may be necessary to prove ownership of a business.
  • Financial and transaction Data, such as credit or debit card number, and bank account information; and any other financial or personal information which you submit to us.
  • Your business information, business licenses, Business identification numbers, or any other identifying business information, dates, or numbers which we may request.
  • all activities on our website will be stored for our use.
    • While accessing or using, we may also collect information that does not reveal your exact identity including but not limited to:
  • your browser and device information
  • your information pertaining to cookies which may be used, URL tags, or other technologies that may be used now or in the future for recording information based on your activities on our site and other activities.

How we collect your information

  • When you create an account from any entry point on our website, you will be asked certain pieces of information including name, city, state, and country, and other business information relating to authentic your business.
  • Whenever you are actively signed into your account, your activities within our site will be recorded for our internal purposes.
  • If at any time you use a third party website, API, email, or app to give information to, your information you give will be stored directly to our site.
  • During your sign-up, you may choose to login and connect your Facebook profile with via Facebook’s API. In this case you will be asked to agree and give permission to access certain information about your Facebook account which is outlined in the agreement. Any information that you give us access to in any way will be collected and used by
  • Device and browser information we collect: Your Media Access Control (MAC) address, IP address, computer type, resolution of your screen, device mobile model and language may be collected while using
  • Online tracking and cookies: While using, you may see promotions or advertisements from time to time. Our advertisers and us may use cookies, or pixel tags and other tracking technologies to help provide relevant ads or promotions to you while browsing our site. By using, you agree to allow cookies to be used. To ensure a smooth and quality experience, we ask that you enable your cookies. Your cookies will be used by
  • Third-party analytics services we use: While using, all actions and traffic is analyzed by analysis services provided by Google Inc. Google Analytics may use cookies which are used to track actions on our site. All traffic to may be analyzed and used in any way through Google Analytics and any related services.
  • Whenever you use our website or services, your “IP Address” will be automatically attached to all actions made on our site and recorded on server log files when necessary along with other data like dates and times when those actions were made and on what pages.

2) How we use your information

To give our users a better experience while using and our platforms, we may use your information in the following ways:

  • We will use your information when processing requests that you make on our website. When you use any third-party API our website may use, apply for approval, create an account, or participate in any other function where your information may be necessary for processing a request.
  • The information you provide for your profile, your name, your companies logo, your company name, your companies address and any other business profile information provided to us will be visible to the public and other users on
  • We may use your contact information and email address to send our notifications for our services and other notifications on terms and policy updates concerning our website and related services.
  • During your sign-up, you may choose to login and connect your Facebook profile with via Facebook’s API. In this case you will be asked to agree and give permission to access certain information about your Facebook account which is outlined in the agreement. Any information that you give us access to in any way will be collected and used by
  • We may use your information within our business to enhance our platform, add new features, monitor spam, create new methods to fight fraud, create new business aspects and other related managerial usages.
  • We will use the information we know about you to give you content you may like and personalize your experience through our site and through promotional communications. We will integrate what we know about you (the user) to give you an experience that best matches the content you like. For example: we may use the information you give us regarding how you’ve previously interacted with content to help to custom tailor your experience on our site or regarding our seals.
  • We may use your information to administer activities, events and features now and in the future.
  • To properly facilitate functionality within our site, we may need information regarding your Facebook account. This information is used on our platform in conjunction with the Facebook API for sharing, login, and other related social functions.
  • We use your name and other information about yourself that you provide to us for our communications with your via email, address, phone number or other provided form.
  • By using any of our functions within our site, you guarantee that you yourself are the one acting on behalf of that action and in agreement with the business you are facilitating activities for. We DO NOT allow any bot activity on our site and any discovery of this will lead to complete account removal and revocation of all services with no refund on our behalf.
  • We use the information we collect about your computer, IP address, MAC address and other information we use regarding your identity for facilitating our API’s or for use in other third-party API’s.
  • To help us develop and improve our platform, we will use tracking pixels, cookies, or other similar tracking technologies.
  • We also use tracking technologies and cookies to provide you a better experience tailored to previous information we gathered from your user patterns and information.
  • We may decide to share or use information with others regarding our users in an anonymized way to help serve marketing, ad targeting, or the building of statistics for marketing.
  • In some circumstances, we may use your personal information (name) along with your other personal information in a non-personally identifiable way to better service our marketing or analysis.
  • We use your IP addresses for security purposes.
  • We use all your information together with the information of other users within our site to better create systems that help prevent against falsified business information, or potential spam and other security issues.
  • We may use your information and combine it with other information available to us for internal and external purposes.
  • Your name and other information relating to your activity may be used publicly and combined with other information for use on our website. This information may be publicly available. For example, if you apply for our business, privacy, or SSL seals, you will provide us your information to verify these various aspects which will be displayed on the certain seals which can be accessed publicly by anyone at anytime without question.

3) Who can receive your information

Sharing information yourself, or via our platform is outlined in the policy seen below.

Ad networks and advertisers

  • We will NEVER share your personal address, email address, or telephone number with any advertiser unless you have given us consent to do so.
  • If you have any questions regarding what we share that may not be included here, we kindly ask you to Contact Us.
  • Other third-party advertising seen on our website will be targeted to your previous activities to better serve to you. Advertisers may also use cookies to track your interests on our site, but they will never have access to your name, address, or telephone number from within our system.

4) Administrative usage of your information

We may share your information per the following reasons for administrative uses.

  • Your information can be used by any entity owned by the ownership team of and any other company in administrative control of and it’s affiliates.
  • Our web developers, contractors, or other business partners and providers may have access to your information for administrative usage only.
  • Your PayPal information that you provide to us or any other information regarding credit card information or financial payment info that you provide.
  • To prevent fraud or abuse of our system, we may disclose the personal information about our users to help fight illegal or fraudulent activity. Information may be used in an investigation and user info may be disclosed to a third-party if necessary to help create a safer environment and platform for our users.
  • Law enforcement: If personal information is required by any law enforcement entity, court, or for an official purpose of the law, we may disclose information about our users as requested.
  • If we decide at anytime to sell our company, or merge with another, the personal information of our users and all other information that has ever been provided may be transferred including personal information and any content published.Although we don’t anticipate this happening, if at any point this does happen, we will notify all users of the acquisition.
  • If you have a question or concern, please contact us.

5) Your account privacy and choices

    • When you create an account, your name, profile picture and and anything you entered in the “about” section is made public.
    • If you would like to change your privacy status on, please contact us.
    • If you would like to create an account with a private profile, please contact us before creating your profile, so we can assist you.
    • If you would do not want your profile to be publicly visible immediately after creating an account, please do not create a profile and contact us.

Social media privacy

    • If you would like to change your privacy settings of your Facebook social login, or Facebook posting privileges, please go to the application privacy settings on your Facebook social media account.
    • If you chose to login with Facebook, Facebook used a cookie to log your profile and information for login. If you want to change these settings or remove your account or social media connection, you can change your privacy settings on your Facebook social media account.

Email privacy and settings

    • You can opt out of emails easily by following the link at the bottom of any emails correspondence or contacting us via our contact page with your name and email address. We will remove your email subscription to our emails within 10 days, however we may need to send you administrative emails from time to time, you cannot opt out of these emails.

Advertising on our site

    • If at any time we choose to advertise one or more of our apps, you can, if necessary, opt out from those ads, by visiting this link:
    • To limit ads on your browser from Google, you can go to Google’s Ads Preferences page from your browser on your mobile device to make your desired choice. If you still cannot seem to remove ads, or change settings as necessary, you can contact the provider to request a change in settings while browsing.
    • If you are still having difficulty managing ads shown to you on our site, please Contact Us and we can help resolve the issue or provide proper links to change your settings of a desired advertiser.

Analytics on

    • To opt out of Google Analytics, please go to If you get a new computer, new cookies can be installed and your information may be tracked again. If you want to opt out of analytics tracking on a new computer, you must visit the link above yet again to opt out on the specific computer in question.
    • We may use your information for other analytics purposes. Please contact us if you have questions regarding this.

6) Access and deletion of user content

    • If you need to delete, correct, or update any information about your account with, you will need to contact us and we can make the change to your account.
    • If you have any issues locating or accessing the methods of deletion of business profile information that is public, please contact us and we will remove the entries from our database as soon as we reasonably can. We do not give any timeframe or guarantee on this and it could take up to 90 days or more for removal.
    • Some information must be stored on our server for our record keeping purposes and may not be able to deleted. If you have further questions, please contact us.

7) Security, data retention & bugs

    • Storage of ANY information on is “AS-IS” and is not granted to be safe in any way. We cannot and do not guarantee any retention of your information. We do our best to keep information safe on our servers, however if a breach, hack, website bug, exploit, or any other potential security breach or error occurs to any stored information on our servers, we will not be liable in any way, shape or form. The security of your information is top priority and we make every effort to guarantee its safety, however the safety and security of all pieces of data or content is NOT guaranteed to be 100% safe and we cannot ever guarantee this now or in the future.

How to get in touch with us

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please contact us and we’d be happy to help. The best way to get in touch with us is via our contact form or email address.