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TrustLock is a trust seal company which verifies a website’s business information, legitimacy, certain aspects of privacy policy, and active SSL certificate. The verification we perform enables you to display the TrustLock seals on approved websites which will boost your trust and increase conversions.

Adding TrustLock seals to your site is very easy.  Simply log into your account and select the seals you want displayed on your site.  Then copy the snippet of code and place it anywhere on your site or within your html page where you’d like the seal to appear and you’re done!  If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Absolutely nothing if it doesn’t increase your sales in 30-days, but we’re almost certain that the benefit and positive ROI received from using our seals will far outweigh the small cost!

Our base price is priced at a flat rate $107.99/mo for all 3 verifications and 36+ seal choices and variations, however from time to time we may run promotional deals which will lock you into a lifetime lower price. for more information please contact us and see our pricing page for specific promotions and time sensitive deals.

It only takes a couple seconds. Simply visit our application link and answer 5 easy questions. You should get a response within 24 business hours. After we have approved your initial application we will give you a special link where you will create your account and enter all your business details for our confirmation procedure. After we receive the necessary items via easy upload, we’ll do our background checking and give you access to the trust seal embed codes for each style. Simply embed them on your site and begin reaping the benefits of added trust on your site!

If you have any product or service online that you offer to the public, this service is for you!  Sites that have opt-in forms, checkout experiences, or other nearly any other prompts for a user will especially benefit from this service. You’ll be gaining the advantage from all your impressions by converting those potential bounces into increase sales and conversions. Increase your sales in 30-days or your money back!

You’ll gain the added trust needed to convert better on your entire site including your checkout pages.  Our professional trust seals and trustworthy branding will give your website the extra authority it needs to increase your sales in 30-days or your money back. (Learn More for specifics) We’re confident that our seals are priced far better than any of the competition and in addition will convert your visitors better than any other seal for the price; that’s why we don’t lock anyone into a yearly contract. We only want you displaying our seals if it’s working for you!

No. Geographic location is not an obstacle for our verification service. We offer our service worldwide to sites which are approved under our program. Depending on location, other documents may be needed to perform a legitimate business verification.

We want to make sure that you’re happy with the performance of our seals and that’s why we don’t force our customers into any lengthly contracts. If for any reason you aren’t satisfied with the TrustLock seals, you can cancel your account by contacting us and you won’t be charged any further. By purchasing TrustLock seals, you get our ‘increase your sales in 30-days guarantee’.

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