Do you sell online?

Instantly Increase Your Sales and Conversions On Any Website!

Give visitors a reason to trust you with a trust badge from TrustLock

Trustlock badge visibility statistics

Do you sell online?

Instantly Increase Your Sales and Conversions On Your Website

TrustLock verification trust badges give your customers confidence!

Trustlock badge visibility statistics
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three emojis representing a users increase in confidence after seeing a trust badge from trustlock

Turn Questioning Shoppers
Into Confident Buyers Today

Start with trust by removing customer doubts and the sales will follow. — According to, as many as 61% of participants in a recent survey say they decided not to purchase a product because it was missing a trust seal or trust badge. TrustLock seals help turn shoppers into confident buyers!

Verified Business, SSL Secure and Safe Privacy

Websites using TrustLock verification trust badges consistently deliver higher conversion rates,
increased credibility and buyer confidence. Give new visitors a reason to trust you.

Turn Questioning Shoppers Into Confident Buyers Today

According to, as many as 61% of participants in recent surveys say they had decided not to purchase a product because it was missing a trust seal. TrustLock badges help turn shoppers into confident buyers!

increase sales up to 62% using a trust badge
Build Your Business Trust
Resolve Your Visitors’ Concerns
Increase Buyer Confidence

See detailed badge features

Resolve Security Concerns
Reduce Unnecessary Bounces
Use Existing SSL Certificate

See detailed badge features

Reduce cart abandonment
Reduce Bounce Rate
Boost Your Opt-In Rates

See detailed badge features

Boost Sales & Conversions By Up To 62% With TrustLock

TrustLock badges help create happy confident buyers by addressing security, privacy and
business identity concerns. Don’t let shoppers question your legitimacy. Shoppers are more
likely to buy your products or services when they know they can trust you!

Boost Sales & Conversions By Up To 62% With TrustLock

TrustLock badges help create happy confident buyers by addressing security, privacy and
business identity concerns. Don’t let shoppers question your legitimacy. Shoppers are more
likely to buy your products or services when they know they can trust you!

Boost sales with features that help you win!

trustlock trust badge characteristics and features

See the complete list of trust badge features

trustlock characteristics and effect on sales

A Formula For Success

TrustLock helps turn visitors into buyers

Every day thousands of sales are lost from cart abandonment and traffic bounces. TrustLock badges are the perfect way to give new visitors trust in your brand and confidence to buy.

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“Choosing TrustLock was one of the best decisions we made. Since installing we’ve seen our overall trust increase which has positively impacted our online sales.”

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Let Us Prove It To You

Boost your conversions & sales in 30 days guaranteed!

Start Using TrustLock In 3 Simple Steps

TrustLock works with nearly any website or landing page and takes
just 5-minutes or less to start boosting your conversions.

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Create Your Account

Get started by submitting your business,
privacy, and SSL information.

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Install On Your Website

Download our snippet of JavaScript code
and embed anywhere you want.

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Increase Sales & Conversions

Watch as conversion rates instantly
increase up to 62% or more.

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What makes us better?

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TrustLock Easily Installs On Any Website Or Sales Funnel

It takes 5-minutes to embed the small javascript anywhere on your website!

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Reassure Your Customers When It Matters Most

Perfect for checkouts, opt-in forms, purchase pages & more

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Let Us Prove It To You

Boost your conversions & sales in 30 days guaranteed!

Which Is The Best Trust Seal For Me?

Depending on where you want to install the trust badge, certain seals can work better than others.  We recommend the verified business seal as the #1 choice for footer placement, checkout pages and next to critical pain point pages.  It’s not only our best selling trust seal, but it also converts the best along with the SSL Secured badge.  The Business seal helps legitimize your business online for a fraction of the price of other services.  The SSL Secure trust seal detects your SSL validity and shows the badge.  Our SSL verification badge won’t show unless SSL is active, thus protecting your visitors every time they see our badge.  This trust seal works great next to checkout pages and is most effective when combined with the business badge.

If you are debating between our badge options and need help, please contact us at [email protected].  We’re here to help and should reply within 24-hours or less.

Trust Badge Approval Process

To maintain a trustworthy brand, we review all new signups at the end of each day.  We ask for our new customers to upload proof of business and ID.  We manually review each website to ensure compliance with our company policies.  If there’s an issue, we’ll let you know what it is and how to fix it.  90% of all businesses who signup with TrustLock are approved, however, if we are unable to approve your account for any reason, we will refund your full payment, guaranteed.

Unlike other companies who hand out business verifications without proof, we do ask for your ID as a sole proprietor, or official letterhead to prove your business existence.  Providing EIN and other verifiable information is also helpful in getting your account approved and trust seals on your site faster.  If you have any questions, please let us know.  If you already have an account you can create a support ticket in your dashboard and a team member will get back to you within 24-hours.

Tell Your Friends, Get Paid

Our primary marketing tool is word of mouth.  Our customers who love working with us tell others and a good thing keeps going.  We’re introducing a new way to earn by telling your other business friends.  Each friend you refer, you’ll receive a FREE month (valued at $13 for single seal).  We’ll refund the $13 for each friend you send our way.  Just give us their name and we’ll apply this credit to your account as a refund to your paid subscription.

We’re serious about growing our business and helping others along the way.  If you have any questions about TrustLock badges please send us a message via our contact page.

Free Trust Seal Integration Support

Due to the complexity of all the sites using our service, we offer free integration support.  If you don’t have a developer who can help you, we can help!  Our development team is usually available within 24-hours.  Simply ask us any questions you have about the trust badge implementation and we’ll answer or fix the issue for you with your provided temporary login.  Our badges work on all sites and we have solutions for even the most complex websites.  With over 108+ trust badge designs, we’re sure to find the perfect one that fits your site.

About Us

TrustLock was founded with ideas gathered from the past 20-years of watching e-commerce and the evolution of conversion optimization and trust seals.  We invested thousands of hours into conversion optimization with all different kinds of trust badges. We then consulted with several psychologists and created the best converting trust seal available online.  Our name itself ‘TrustLock’ helped us gain momentum as a trusted mark online.  Combining the name Trust and Lock, we were able to gain a distinct advantage over other competitors almost instantly.

In the beginning, we realized that e-commerce owners needed a way to become trusted.  We also knew that most badges offered little value and were very costly.  This was our inspiration in creating the most affordable and best-valued trust badges in the market today.  Through extensive testing, we’ve proved our own point many times – when you are trusted, you sell more.

Our badges have gone through hundreds of different design phases in the past 5 years as we work hard in creating the very best converting badges available.  We enlarged the words “verified” and “business”, “SSL Secured” and “Privacy Safe” to help emphasize our verification as the #1st priority over our brand name.  We did not like how other trust badges used their name as the main reason to trust the badge.  Instead, we decided to use the verification type as the largest text, then backed by our logo and verification window.  We tried out these changes with A/B testing and discovered that our badges converted better than most all others at a much lower price.

Giving Back

At TrustLock we love helping our clients build trust with our trust seals, but we also love giving back to meaningful projects.  We dedicate 10% of all net profit to tax-deductible organizations who help those less fortunate.  We’re always looking for new opportunity to allocate our donations.  If you have a worthy cause you would like us to donate to, please send us a message with your favorite tax-deductible organization.  We’ve donated thousands to many well-deserving organizations and we’re hoping to continue giving back.

The Future

At TrustLock, we’re currently reinvesting 100% of all net income minus 10% for giving back to charitable donations.  This reinvestment is mostly being used to build our platform and add new features every month.  We plan on rolling out many new features in 2023-24 which all active customers will be eligible for.

  • Floating ‘sticky’ embed options – Giving our users the ability to insert a code in their <head> code that will allow floating sticky badges to their websites.  (COMPLETED)
  • Shopify, WordPress and BigCommerce Apps – we’re almost finished with our Shopify app and more is coming soon.  We hope to have Shopify, WordPress, BigCommerce and several other apps deployed in 2024 to help customers embed trust seals even easier. (COMING 2024)
  • 20-40 new badge designs – we’ve been working on creating even more designs that fit with various websites.  Our new designs are cutting edge and should roll-out sometime in 2024. (COMING 2024)
    • Three new designs are now complete, but not yet deployed to the server – These can be used now as image only to registered and approved members.
  • Integrated Analytics – We’re working on a new feature that will be available to all customers in 2023.  This feature will allow our customers to view analytics and clicks on TrustLock trust seals.  Our customers will be able to track and view data on our trust badge effectiveness. (COMPLETED)
  • New Explainer Videos – We’re working on a series of videos to help users understand how to embed badges and trust seals easier.  We are also working on a explainer marketing video for the Trust Lock home page.  (COMPLETED)
  • Image Embed Option – Although our users are licensed to use the TrustLock brand corresponding to the paid verification, we’re working on creating native features to embed image only badges via simple code embed.  Currently we offer Java embed, iFrame Embed and floating embed.  We’re working on more features coming soon.  (COMPLETED)

Let Us Prove It To You

Boost your conversions & sales in 30 days guaranteed!