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Verified Business Badge

Our #1 best selling trust badge helps visitors know that your business is legitimate and real. The Verified Business badge by TrustLock is one of the best way to build credibility and trust.

TrustLock Verified Business subscribers enjoy the following benefits and features:

Increase Business Transparency With Shoppers

The TrustLock Verified Business badge helps your customers know that you are who you say you are. It removes their hesitations on your address, location and other information about your business. The Verified Business Badge is the #1 way for you to prove business legitimacy via a third-party. You simply send us sufficient proof of your business existence and personal identity and we grant you the approval — It's as simple as that!

‘Verified Business’ – Optimized Badge Phrasing

We’ve extensively tested our badges with various text options, and after careful internal research, we realized that the simple words “Verified Business” was the best phrasing possible for business verification. Our badge phrasing is easily recognizable and proven to build trust vs. other brands and alternatives. Other business trust badge brands tend to over-size their own brand logo while minimizing the actual verification title or type. In our research, this negatively affected sales, as not all brands are recognizable by everyone. We realized that customers understand phrasing like ‘verified business’. When these words are backed by TrustLock, it’s just another confidence boost for your visitors when they land on your site and wonder if your business is real!

TrustLock Verified Business badge Is Up To 95% Cheaper Than Competitors

Just because you pay more, doesn’t mean you actually get more. In fact, our badges not only provide more features and better options. We’re also priced cheaper than all other trust badge competitors offering similar business badges. Why spend up to 95% more when you can try our badges risk-free?

URL Verification Logic On Every Page Load

Each time someone loads one of your pages, our system uses conditional logic to ensure that your domain URL is the actual one trying to load the URL. This protects your business identity in regards to TrustLock and prevents your badge from being stolen by competing companies. OUr badge simply won’t load unless it matches your exact registered URL.

Official TrustLock Business Verification Page

When someone clicks on your badge, you’ll have the option of linking this page directly to your own individual TrustLock business verification page. Each approved TrustLock subscriber has an individual verification page(s) that also verify your legitimacy. These pages are publicly available and help you promote transparency so people know that you say you are is really you. As an added bonus all Verified Business TrustLock members receive backlinks from your Business Verification page on our site!

Various Hover Effects

When your visitors hover over any badge with their curser on your site when using Java implementation, they’ll see an expanded understanding of your business verification criteria. Furthermore giving greater context to your business verification. If you opt for the iFrame implementation option, a separate hover effect is employed that doesn’t expand outside the frame itself. These various hover effects are optional and available to all TrustLock Verified Business subscribers.

60+ Verified Business Badge Designs

We strive to give our Verified Business subscribers the best value possible by providing more badge designs and options than any other trust badge company offering verifications on the market today. Our other badge designs use the same similar phraseology and concepts used in the success of our original badge. Our badge options give you the flexibility of choosing a badge that fits perfectly with your specific landing page or website!

Works On Any Website Or Platform

Our badges are configured to work on any platform. Whether your site is built on WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, BigCommerce, Click Funnels or another platform, our badges should configure perfectly! If your site doesn’t support Java badges we have iFrame badges and even image-only badges to suit any platform, website or landing page.

Unilimited Impressions

Our robust servers have the power to handle millions of badge loads. Although this may cost us more, you will never be charged more if your site gets more traffic. When you get TrustLock, you get unmetered and unlimited use!

Unlimited Trust Badges

As an approved TrustLock subscriber, you’ll be able to create as many different variations of the Verified Business badge. You can create unlimited trust badges using unlimited trust badge designs. We want you to show your trust in any way you seem fit by embedding badges anywhere you want - we’ll never restrict you on how you use your verification as long as it’s on the domain URL associated with your business and follows our terms of use!

No Reputation Mangagement Necessary

When you buy the Verified Business badge, you won't have to worry about dealing with another site for people to review you on. Instead, our badge does not contain reviews. Your site can only be approved or not approved. It's simple and much easier to manage than other business verifications that require you to keep your site up to a minimum rating or you lose your verification. The only way you can lose your verification with TrustLock is if you don't follow our TOUs, or get a significant unresolved report from your verification page. We always work to keep our badges on sites that treat customers well and often do random checks to ensure abuse is not occurring with our badge appearing. If you have further questions or concerns, please contact us!

No Page Speed Loss With TrustLock Badges

Our Java and iFrame badge implementations are designed to load last - this way your content is not delayed. Your page should not encounter any detrimental load times after you add our badges. Your page should load at the same speed it always has, just with a TrustLock badge as an added bonus.

100% Mobile Friendly

Our badges were designed in a way that they can be combined together in any way and still be mobile friendly with your design. If you have any issues, just leave us a support ticket and we'll make sure your site is looking 100% perfect on mobile and desktop versions of your website!

Fast and Easy 5-minute Install

We make it simple and easy to get started - most users install their badges in less than 5-minutes. Essentially all you have to do is create your desired badge, save it in your dashboard and then copy the code anywhere you want the badges to appear. We can assist you in inserting the badges if you feel uncomfortable editing code yourself. You get unlimited support from our team of technicians!

Increase Sales In 30-Days Guaranteed

We want to make sure that you are completely satisfied, that’s why we’ve made your TrustLock purchase risk-free. Most of our users see a significant boost in trust which translates into sales. However, if you discover that your sales don’t increase, feel free to show us this proof and request a full refund of any charges within 30-days! We’re that confident that you’ll be completely satisfied with your TrustLock purchase!

Free Landing Page Optimization Advice

Because we want you to succeed in your online business, please reach out to us at any time for a free consultation on how you can improve your landing page in conjunction with TrustLock Verified badges. We’ve spent over $1,000,000 collectively within our network and have a wealth of knowledge we’d love to share if you need help. Our founders came from a marketing and consulting background — When you’re subscribed to TrustLock, you’ll get all this valuable consulting advice for free. This same marketing advice has been used to consult multi-million dollar companies and ventures in the past 10+ years! (Landing page consulting may be limited to 2 hours per month if necessary)

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Our business verification takes under 24-hours after you submit your proof of business. If for any reason we can't verify you, we'll seek to resolve the issue or give you a full 100% refund. If you have any questions, shoot us a message. Get TrustLock on your site today!

Increase sales guaranteed • Easy 5-minute install • Cancel any time

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